WIN Project promotes the internationalization of Italian SMEs in foreign markets

WIN Project offers its expertise in the development of strategies and internationalization projects, as well as the monitoring of public funding opportunities. For each project WIN Project puts in motion its foreign offices, WIN Project ASIA and WIN Project USA. These offices manage a network of specialized professionals operators both Italian and foreign (such as importers, distributors, agents, depending on which sector/industry the project is about), who provide technical expertise in all phases of the project and can possibly provide, for each company, a reference point and commercial support in the foreign market (i.e. as sales agents or commercial office).

WIN Project Italy

Paolo Paoletti

Paolo Paoletti

Senior consultant expert on the internationalization process of SMEs

He is responsible for the design of internationalization projects, managing their technical coordination, the definition of market penetration strategies, assisting SMEs in their internationalization process. He is also responsible for WIN Project’s relations with regional and national Italian institutions.

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During his collaboration with the Italian association “Confartigianato Imprese”, he has designed and coordinated many projects involving companies in the sectors of mechanical engineering, interior design, fashion and F&B, working in several international markets (mainly the Russian and Chinese markets).

WIN Project ASIA

  • SECTORS: Agrifood, Fashion, Interior Design

WIN Project USA

  • SECTORS: Agrifood, Fashion