WIN Project cooperated with Confartigianato Servizi Piemonte Orientale in the project aiming to promote the Piedmontese Fashion and Tourism industry in China by designing and planning a tour of artisan destinations in the tourist and cultural system of Piedmont region.

The project involved Piedmontese Fashion Enterprises (Clothing, Footwear, Accessories, Jewellery, Cosmetics), Accommodation Facilities and Tour Operators.

Phase 1: Selection of Fashion enterprises which products/services are suitable to the Chinese market and that could become destinations of shopping and/or business tours for Chinese stakeholders.

Phase 2: Photo and Video shoots of Italian products made by two Chinese fashion bloggers (set of the shoots will be the most interesting and captivating Piedmontese locations). By posting on social media and blogs, the fashion bloggers will help to promote in China not only the Piedmontese products, but also the best locations of the Piedmont region.

Phase 3: Incoming of four Chinese fashion buyers who have shown their interest in the products/services of the enterprises participating in the project (company visits).

foto-shooting-fashionblogger-presso-villa-taranto chinese-fashion-blogger-backstage_orta-san-giulio

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