WIN Project ASIA

Office Manager

Zhao Pei

Head Office

West Wanda F-2703 No: A18
Shijingshan Road
100043 BEIJING (China)

  • Development of strategies and execution of internationalization/market penetration projects in the target market.
  • Promotion of the artisanal skills of Italian enterprises (for selling highly qualified services).
  • WIN Project ASIA’s permanent presence in the market guarantees continuous support in all phases of each project. WIN Project ASIA selects well matched foreign operators in order to select the Italian companies participating in the project. The office guarantees a constant follow-up after the project.
  • The office manages and coordinates a wide network of agents, distributors and technicians in each of its main areas of expertise: Interior design, Fashion, F&B.
  • Cooperation with local institutions and public authorities.
  • Promotion of Joint Ventures and foreign direct investments in Italy.


Promotion of business clusters for realizing high-level customized turnkey projects (for new buildings and private housing estates). Coordination and development of its network including architects, developers, distributors and their representative local institutions.


Coordination and development of its network including local institutions (CCPIT, Camere della Moda), traders, distributors and local manufacturers to whom Italian companies could offer high added value products and services. For example:

  • services for designing a collection (e.g. pattern making, raw material research, sizing patterns and all those phases requiring a high level of know-how);
  • realize some manufacturing process phases in order to produce added value to the client’s garments;
  • designing and/or manufacturing the whole collection (or part of it) under a private label agreement (according to “Made in Italy” quality standards).


Coordination and development of its network including Chinese and foreign distributors and importers. Supports Italian companies attending trade shows in China, organizing related off-site events addressed to selected customers.